Junior Artist Program

This is a structured program focusing on Skills, Creativity, and Fun. Students will learn to appreciate the wonders Art has to offer. No student is left behind is how the lessons are delivered.

This program has 8 modules delivered in 2 different levels:

Level 1 - Oil Pastels, Drawing, Etegami Art, DoodleMe
Level 2 - Poster Painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour, Mixed Media

Each module has 10 lessons

Level 1: SGD350 / 10 Lessons / 1.5hrs
Level 2: SGD350 / 10 Lessons / 1.5hrs

Material fees: SGD 20 / module







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JPA (Parent & Child)

JPA is a form of healing art developed in Japan, using soft pastels to create a gentle soft and heartwarming art through colour and hand motion techniques.

It helps to smooth one's emotions, keep calm and reduce stress for ADULTS

‚Äč JPA also helps increase self-awareness and self-confidence in KIDS.

Course fee: SGD160 / 4 Lessons / 1.5hrs

Material fee: Inclusive

For more details. visit www.japanpastelart.com

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